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Best Places to Visit in Malacca, Malaysia




There are so many websites that you can check the information about Malaysian historical city, Malacca but the best thing is to visit this city and find the many interesting sites that are there. Visiting this city is like going back in time and be a witness to the discoveries of the golden age of this city and the adventures. If you are interested there are many places that you can visit in this city so as to be able to experience at a glimpse the glorious attractive past of the Malaysian history in this city. Here are some of the sites that you can visit so as to be able to find this history.


The first place that you can visit is called the St. Francis Xavier church that is one of the famous churches in Malacca. This church is attractive in the look and has masses that go on there almost every time and hence its active. There is also another church that you can visit in Malacca that was established by the Portuguese called the St. Paul's church. This church was built on the last Malaccan sultan's palace site. Its old look makes it attractive.


There are also museums that you can visit there and be able to see some of the history of Malacca.one museum is the Cheng Ho's museum which is a picture of the housing exhibition about the Dynasty admiral of the Chinese Ming in Zheng He and is very attractive. The other place to visit in Malacca is the Stadthuys building which is believed to be the oldest Dutch building that is surviving in the east. It is one of the tourist attraction sites in Malacca and represents the colonial architecture that is in that town. Other sites include the Melaka Sultanate Palace which is a wooden design of the 15th century palace, A'Famosa, Baba Nyonya Museum and so many others. This is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Malaysia. Know about malaysia country here!


A  Buddhist temple in Penang called the kek lok is another attractive site in that you can visit in Malaysia and it is locate in Air Itam.  It is a very unique Buddhist temple that is treasured so much by the Buddhists in the south east of Asia. You can find more information about these Malaysian sites on the websites that touch on them so as to decide where you are interested on. Know the best place to visit in malacca here!